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Happy Earth Inc. develops green and ethical enterprise that supports community economic and social development, such as the Business Recycling Pickup in Central Alberta and Organic Agriculture in the Dominican Republic.  Both of these projects, as with all Happy Earth Inc. Projects, have a community contribution aspect.

Carolyn F. Jones is the founder and president of Happy Earth Inc.  Carolyn has a passion for solving difficult situations with meaningful and effective solutions and believes that it is possible to contribute to community development AND make money.

The Dominican Republic Venture

A project in the Dominican Republic to create a model for rural development that includes organic farming, green processing and manufacturing, alternative housing, clean water, rural public health, economic development and ecotourism. 

This business model maximizes partnerships and mentoring, and encourages connections between different cultures.

Counter pollution, stress, injury and illness with quality, natural source, effective vitamins, supplements and therapies. 

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Recycling Pick Up

Caribbean Venture Project


403.749.3920  |  info@happyearth.ca

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